Sunday, February 23, 2014

What did I smile about in January!

2014 is here - started of busy alright. This year I made no new years resolutions - why? Because I never actually follow through and then its that one thing that I didn't do. Instead this year I am just going to live to the fullest and enjoy time with my family and friends. Treasure moments and be thankful for what I have.

Grapevine Lights - I am a huge fan of Christmas lights and while the Saits were still here the girls ventured out to see them one evening.
Birthday Party - We celebrated A&A's first birthday in the first week of January since a lot of friends were traveling and their birthday falls smack in the middle of Christmas and New Years. I expect this is how we will do it every year. Considering their birthday is the middle of winter we had a "WinterOnederland theme". But it ended up being a beautiful day and the theme didn't really fit the day. It was a gorgeous day and we were able to use the deck and I didn't have to layer the girls with a sweater. They got to show off their cute little tutu dress and everything turned out perfectly. 
Mall times - We had some last minute shopping to finish before our upcoming trip so we ventured back to the mall. The girls love being out and enjoyed walking around.
Austin trip - We made our way to Austin one more time before we headed across the world to celebrate our friends baby shower. The girls got to spend some more time pestering Zain (seen sitting in his chair below) but I think he is finally warming up to them. 
Baby shower - Such a cute themed shower and of course the mum to be and dad to be were glowing. We are so excited for the Raja's and cant wait to meet their little princess soon. 
Ready to go - So I am not sure I told you all about our 3 week vacation plans but we are off to Dubai, India and Bahrain to see our friends and family. Between you and me I was dreading the 14 hour flight from Dallas to Dubai but the girls did so well. They made friends with every one and the stewardess even took a picture for us on our first Emirates flight away. We managed 3 countries, 5 cities and 7 flights over 3 weeks with very little fussiness. I say that's a successful trip!
Dubai - Our first stop and we decided to break our journey before heading to India. Jet lag hit us hard the first two night and I have to thank the Dvivedi's for putting up with us and the lack of sleep. The girls loved meeting everyone in the UAE and enjoyed being spoiled rotten. They enjoyed watching Troy puppy from a distance. He is definitely much bigger than all our animal friends in Dallas so the girls learnt they couldn't mess with him.The girls got to visit their first beach -what was their favorite thing to do? Eat the sand and shells. We had to constantly watch them so I am glad we are not taking a beach vacation any time soon. 
Big Birthday Celebration - I know I am going to get yelled at for calling out her age but we were fortunate to be able to spend Sadhna nani's (she hates being called that) 50th birthday with her in Dubai! It was so nice to spend some time with the Ramesh's and Anjali aunty!
Touch down India - Our next stop was to Ahmedabad and I have to say I am not a fan of these middle of the night flights but again the girls did well. The main reason for this trip was so my maternal grandmother and only living grandparent could see A&A. They all worried about the girls and their development and it was nice for her to able to see them in person and see that the limb difference doesn't stop these girls from doing anything. Want to thank Heena aunty and Yogen uncle for hosting us at their house and making us so comfortable. We enjoyed the shopping, food and most importantly enjoyed everyone's company.

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