Saturday, March 1, 2014

What did I smile about in February!

This is a continuation from January as our trip crossed into February. Our DSLR stopped working as we got to Mumbai so we didn't get the best pictures there. I will take the blame for it since I dropped formula on the camera. Luckily my cousin was nice enough to lend us his in Bahrain.

Baroda - Next step from Ahmedabad was a drive to Baroda to see the rest of our family. The girls enjoyed running around Sadhna Ben and Dhiru Kumar's house and definitely kept them on their toes. Again the girls enjoyed everyone's company and loved meeting everyone there.
Mumbai - Off to Mumbai and our last stop in India. The only place where we stayed in a hotel - again we got to meet more family and friends. Amit and I also enjoyed our first night out alone without the girls with the Gala kids. Thanks to my parents, Ila aunty and Hemchand uncle for watching them while we enjoyed a peaceful dinner out.
Bahrain - Finally the most relaxing part of our trip. We all fell a little sick by the time we got to Bahrain but it was the perfect place to rest up before making our way back home. Amit and I took complete advantage of the house help we had and took some afternoon naps and relaxed at home while the girls were being looked after. Our parents had a get together for us so everyone could meet A&A at one place. We were so overwhelmed by all the love and blessings the girls received. They surely do have a huge fan club in Bahrain.
Valentines day - This year Valentines days was super low key and perfect in a way because we enjoyed the true meaning. Spent time with family and enjoyed each others company - Amit took a picture of these beautiful roses that bloomed just in time in my parents garden and shared them with me instead of buying me flowers. So sweet! Nothing is more precious than our sweet babies and they are so naughty now its hard to keep them in one place. The flash got their eyes ha and this picture doesn't do their pants justice but they have little hearts on them. I bought them these pants a while ago and estimated their size based on their birthday but our girls are tiny so these pants were falling off them.
Dubai again - we had a 7 hour lay over in Dubai on the way back and at first we were just going to get a hotel room at the airport but Deval (he had not met the girls yet) was in Dubai at this time and so the Dvivedi's came to pick us up and we were able to see them again and spend some time at home before the dreaded flight back home. Clearly Deval is ok waiting a while to start his own family - I think A&A scared him.
Back home and settled in - And finally the dreaded flight home. 16 hours from Dubai to Dallas direct but guess what it was a night flight and the girls slept most of the way back and so Amit and I also managed to get some sleep and rest. We arrived home on a Monday and so the nanny was there to help take care of the girls while Amit and I unpacked and got ready for the week. The best way to unwind. The girls settled right in and are enjoying the little pockets of sun we have received by being out on the deck. They love being outdoors.
A&A's new bff - "tat" - I am sure Switch didn't miss us while we were away but he is warming up to the girls except when they boss him around and chase him around the house trying to pull his tail.
Park - Amit came home early one Friday afternoon and so we took advantage of it and took the girls to the park while it was still nice out.
One year check with Scottish Rite - So back when we were still new at this limb difference thing I shared with you our first visit to see the Ortho specialist at the Scottish Rite hospital. Guess what its been a year and we went back for their follow up.The doctor was very pleased with their progress and continues to ensure us that they will be just fine and wont need much help till they are ready for specific activities at which time we will introduce some tools for them. For example when they want to ride their first bike or learn a sport or musical instrument. So again till next year we will continue to support our baby girls and watch them grow. They are very clever and learn to do things on their own. They both can hold things with their little arms and can also flip pages with their legs. Nothing is slowing them down which makes us very happy.
Selfie - long needed haircut. It takes planning to get a haircut now a days so I was happy to get one and take a selfie. Short and sweet - I am referring to the length of my hair so you can save the short jokes for another time ;).

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Mommy G said...

Loved seeing these pics and your india deets. The girls are such rockstars and you guys too .. for surviving the helluva journey you did. A&A look super naughty!! Need to meet soon! :)