Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What did I smile about in March!

We are already 3 months into 2014 and its starting to get busy in our household. The weather is getting better finally and that means a lot more outdoor time. Our DSLR camera still doesn't work and I haven't been able to get it looked at so all the pictures from this post are from our phone camera's.

Anniversary - we celebrated our 12th anniversary this month. If you are wondering how many anniversaries we have, the answer is 2. Our Court registry one and then the big Indian do. Amit brought me these beautiful flowers and we spent the evening at home with our babes!
Goofing around - Our friend Sahir works for Google and had gifted these to us when they visited last. The girls woke up and were goofing around in them one weekend.
Play area refresh - our couch upstairs needed to go and so we got a new one. The girls were very thrilled to help Papa put it together!
Deval and Snigdha visit - Deval was in town for work and brought his better half with him this time. We were so happy to spend some time with them at our home. Next time you all will have to come for longer.
Holi - this was the first playing Holi for the girls and we were so happy we made it to this event. The weather gods were kind to us and kept the rain away till we were done. The girls were happy to run around and even enjoyed the colors.
Meeting Liam - I finally got to go and see Liam. Sunita had him while we were away on our vacation. He let me hold him the entire time I was there. What a sweet little boy!
Brunch with Barbara -We got to see Barbara and Dave one weekend for brunch and it was awesome catching up with the old roomie.
Color run -More like a walk - I figured I should start slow so I partially ran this 5K with Shaili. It was a nice getaway one saturday morning.
Patio Time - As I mentioned above the weather is getting better so we met Shaili, Amol and precious little Saachi for some drinks and appetizers after some yard fun at Avni Masi's place. Finally got a picture of the three girls together.
15 months - The girls are growing up so quickly and are so much fun now. They both love to talk and have picked up so many words. They say "mumma, papa, cat, all done, eyes, teeth, bye bye, Bow Bow (for dog), cheese, pizza, more, up, down, hot hot and their favorite no no". As I have mentioned before they are identical twins but are so different. 

Aariya is our techy and has figured out how to swipe the screen to unlock the ipad and iphone. She has entered some random passwords on the both and I am afraid she is going to lock both devices. She also enjoys cleaning up the mess her sister makes.

Aashna my little parrot, will repeat everything so I have to be extra careful around her. They other she was being naughty and I called her "jabri" (Gujarati for brat) and she turned around and called me that back. She also loves making a mess everywhere. 

Both babies have this new found love for the laundry basket - they like to pick out all their clothes and throw them around the room and drag them around the play area. They have definitely grown up so much since our trip to India/Mid East. They are both eating well and like to try new things - especially from our plate. We have a full mouth of teeth - the first molars are here and that was rough on them. The other teeth were relatively painless but man those molar are troublesome. They are such active babies and keep me on my toes and can stay outdoors all day long if i let them. I still havent mustered up the courage to take them out by myself since they love to run in opposite directions. But I think that will have to happen soon since they want to go out all the time. Here are a few of them enjoying the outdoors - I cant wait till we can enjoy some pool time. 

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