Saturday, May 3, 2014

What did I smile about in April!

The days are getting longer and its beautiful out when its not raining. The girls have a new found obsession with bubbles so we are enjoying time outside with them and are making the most of these beautiful days before it gets too hot.

Park play date  - The mommy group in Irving scheduled this one late afternoon so I took an hour off work and took the girls to mingle with some friends their age. The girls enjoyed playing with Annika and Lydia and we also experienced our first fall. Aariya fell flat on her face and started bleeding (not a pretty sight) luckily Elizabeth was nice enough to hold Aashna while I cleaned Aariya up.
Blue bonnets - Its spring time in Texas and that means beautiful wild flowers. The girls were so excited to get out they couldnt contain themselves. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot and some from before we got to the location.
Meet Anika - We made a trip to Austin and I finally got to meet little baby Anika. Isn't she so precious! Amit joined his friends to the MotoGP trials on Saturday and I made my social rounds while he was gone. It was a quick day trip but the girls enjoyed playing with Aadit and Esha. They girls were up and ready early for the drive and did well on their first long car drive in a while.
Bubbles obsession - My girls love "bubba's" so much that we have bubble bottles around the house. They love touching them and watching them pop.
Yay DSLR - I am having major DSLR withdrawals so I borrowed Aval's for a few. Here are a few fun ones from his camera.
Deck ready for the summer - we finally have some furniture and plants. Cant wait to sit out and enjoy some starry nights.
Play date with Twins - Seems like the theme for this month. We got together with Austin, Dylan, Maya and Ty at a park and enjoyed some park time. They were all so cute and busy with their own thing till the very end when A&A snuck up to AuDy and tried to play with their mulch chips.
Easter - The girls were very fascinated with their bunny ears. We are getting used to the hair accessories again which makes me so happy!
Meeting Dada and Dadi - The Pandya grandparents were so excited to see A&A after a long year away. The girls took a few to warm up but were ready to play soon after.
Dad's 65th - My dad celebrated his 65th birthday this year. Dhaval went home to celebrate it with them and our dear family friends in Bahrain. I am bummed I missed it but am glad they had a great time together.
Go Mavs - its been so long since we went to watch a Mavs game. It was Aashi and Aari's first game and they had so much fun. To bad we lost but it was a close game and the girls did so good. They cheered and clapped every time the crowd got loud and were such well behaved girls. There will definitely be more games in our future.