Sunday, June 29, 2014

A year and half later!

Aariya and Aashna hit their 18 month mark this June and boy have they changed. I feel like they have exchanged personalities and now Aariya is my calm child and Aashna is the loud one. Both are still busy bee's and cant sit still for long unless they are "wasing" (watching) the ipad! They are both babbling and can say lots of words now.

Aariya - is my little worker bee and will clean up after her self. She loves to put her clothes away in the laundry basket and puts all her toys away. She cant handle any dirt on the floor and will tell me its "dirty" till I sweep it away. She even points out all the dirt on the floor when we are out at department stores. She is very attentive and can tell when the door opens or kitchen appliances are on. She has a mean left foot soccer kick and loves to throw and kick all the balls around.
Song - Eee Aii Eee Aii (old mcdonald had a farm)
Book - Barnyard dance book, Puppy book, Thats not my monkey
Loves - to sing, press the home button on my phone and enter random passwords.
Aashna - is all over the place. She cant sit still for a minute, making capturing a good picture of her a near impossible task. We take a 100 for one good one. She loves to talk loudly and parrots everything we say. She definitely loves being the center of attention right now and is making up for lost time. She loves making a mess after her sister has cleaned everything up.
Song - Happy (if you are happy and you know it)
Book - Barnyard dance book, Where is Scot, Puppy book
Loves - to dance, likes to switch my phone to airplane mode and start the calculator on my phone.
They both got their first hair cuts which was a sad moment for me because they lost their baby curls and looked all grown up. Their love for bubbles, water and animals continue. They climb up the stairs on their own while counting to 10 (they occasionally miss a few numbers in the middle). They keep us entertained all the time. I am starting to see the strong will and independence which scares me a little. I hope they don't go through a rough tantrum phase and stay my sweet girls. They have lots of teeth - almost a mouth full, just missing their last molars. Eat mostly all table foods especially from mum and dad's plate. I can serve the same in their tray and they will throw it away but we feed it to them from our plate they will chomp away. This is a fun stage because they actually understand what we are saying and have mini conversations with us. I want time to slow down a little - before I know it I will have sassy little ones on my hand. Right now they still let me dress them, pick out their outfits and let me give them lots of kisses and hugs. The best time of my day is to hear them giggle and laugh so loud about simple things. Kids are so innocent and I wish they learn to live life with no judgement and lots of love just the way they are now.

I always worry (that's in every mothers job description) but they keep surprising me with their abilities. They crawled, walked, hold things with their little hands, use their legs to flip pages and work with what they have. They do it all,  just a little differently. Have met all their milestones even before I expected them to. They are our little over achievers. So if you are reading this and ever doubt your kids abilities just give them a chance and support them and encourage them. They may just need to learn to do it a little different as no two people are the same.

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Mahrukh Kharas said...

Reema dear,
It's always a veritable treat to read all your blogs! Reading about Aariya and Aashna, though not surprising, knowing their 'over achiever' abilities, yet becomes a lovely piece of news to read and understand that these gals are fighters and will survive in any situation.....they remind me of 'Charlie's Angels'! Beautiful .....yet with all the abilities which in the old days only men had!
I only hope I am able to get my comment through this time, you see, I am not as sharp as my little A & A and I end up bungling the posting part!!
Keep writing these beautiful blogs .....these will be wonderful memories of our little dolls.....not many, or hardly any parent takes the time and effort to do this, what with mobile cameras et al to take the easy way out.
I am always so proud of you my sweetie.....if your daughters are 'over achievers', then their momma is an 'over super momma'!
Love you all always,
Mahrukh Aunty