Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What did I smile about in June!

Another busy month with lots of family time and celebrations. The house feels empty now that our family has left to go back home but we are getting ready for a busy summer and looking forward to a lot of water time to beat this Texas heat!

Swim time at Khiloni's - Thanks for having us over for a yummy dinner and letting the girls enjoy their love for water. A&A were super excited to enjoy their first swim of this summer and loved playing with Khiloni and Raena the rest of the evening.
Splash park fun - while waiting for Chaitni masi we ventured to the park close by. Guess what they had, a little water feature which the girls LOVED. Luckily I had a change of clothes in the diaper bag so the girls enjoyed to their hearts content.
Love for Coco - Our girls are obsessed with Coco and will ask to see his video first thing in the morning. He is such a sweet little guy and they love to chase him around. Aashna is our fearless leader and will approach him directly while Aariya still plays it safe and will let us hold him before she goes to pet him.
Father's Day - Amit enjoyed a morning of golf with his dad on Saturday which was followed by brunch on Sunday to celebrate the dad's with the entire family. Cheers to all the great dad's in my life and a special shout out to my husband for putting up with us and loving these girls with all his heart.
Lydia's birthday - The girls had a blast at Lydia's 2nd party. Thanks for inviting us and letting us celebrate with you. We all had a great time jumping on the trampolines and playing in the foam pit.
Rakhi time - She came through Dallas to see the girls and also spent her birthday with us. Hope you had a great time with the girls, I know they did.
Happy 60th Dada (paternal grandfather) - Amit's dad spent his 60th birthday in Dallas this year and it was a great month of celebrations with the family. We all wish him the best for the coming years!
Night out - My brother came into town to see the girls and we were able to get away for a night out before Amit's parents left for Kenya. They were nice enough to keep them for the night while Amit and I enjoyed some adult time. Thanks to our friends for making it out and showing us a good time - forgot what it feels like to party on a Saturday night ha!
Pandya Grandparents - Amit's parents have spent the last two months with us and the girls got to know them so well. A&A both loved spending this time with them and we will miss them now that they on their way back to Kenya. They loved dancing with Dada and Dadi the most and singing songs with them.
Mamu time - Dhaval was so excited to see the girls and they enjoyed playing with him and supporting the soccer teams while we watched the games. They were obsessed with his glasses so we had to keep them busy with their pair of sunglasses to keep ours from breaking.