Thursday, September 18, 2014

What did I smile about in August!

This was a hectic month with lots of travel for us. The summer is almost over and I cant believe how quickly time is passing us by. Before I know it the girls will be 2. I think this post requires my "lots of photo's in this post" disclaimer. Enjoy!

Finally potted - It took some time but my money plant is finally growing. It feels good to get back to planting again.
Rain Rain dont go away! - Our girls love the rain and always want to run out and play. This evening they insisted on going out and refused to come back in.
Cabo resort - Up up and away on our long awaited beach vacation. We joined our family time in Mexico and stayed at the Fiesta American all inclusive resort. If you ever visit with kids I highly recommend this place. We felt at ease with 5 kids and 14 adults and never had to worry about letting the kids run around. We spent our days by the pool/beach and enjoyed dinners with the family. A week flew by so quickly. I have to give Amit credit for a lot of these amazing pictures - he woke up bright and early to take the sunrise ones and also patiently waited for the sun to set to capture these beauties.
Family times - We dont see our family often but when we do its a lot of laughs and fun. I think these family trips are going to become tradition.

Beach babes! - Yes they had a different swim outfit for pretty much everyday we were there. But how can you resist it with these divas! They loved sporting the different outfits and the accessories and even let me pose them for these fun shots. I have to thank Amit for being patient with me and helping me dress them. He is so supportive of my craziness and plays along with my dress up game.
Sunset cruise - Took a boat ride into the Pacific with the entire family. It was so awesome to watch the kids enjoy dancing and playing. It was also stressful watching them because all they wanted to do was to run around and the water got a little choppy at times. 
Beach photo shoot - I would like to do one professional shoot a year and this time it was at the beach. I found our photographer online and am glad we got atleast one good family one. The girls were all over and didn't want to sit still so we tried to engage them with the coral on the beach. They enjoyed eating the sand!
Portland - This was a hectic one and the weekend after we got back from Cabo. It was hard leaving the girls but they did well with Amit. It was also his first time keeping them on his own. He looked TIRED when i got back. I headed to Portland to celebrate some awesome people. Happy birthday Chaitni and Faiza. Hope you both enjoyed your birthday weekends away.
Ganesh Chaturti - I went to the temple at lunch not knowing I would get to witness the Ganesh procession and beautiful aarti for Ganesh Chaturti. Beautiful traditions that I miss from back home but was fortunate to witness.
Music to my ears - Rekha Bhardwaj entertained us with her beautiful songs and voice one weekend. The girls enjoyed all the attention and were happy they could dance and run around with all our friends and family.

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