Monday, October 13, 2014

Preschool - Day one Check!

I have worried about this day for a while and after waiting and delaying their start date by two weeks we finally started them in Preschool. Our girls are very social and everyone kept telling us they will do great but talk about getting anxious about this next step. Our girls have been home with the nanny since they were born and to finally send them off to school was a big step for me. I am thankful that I was able to witness so many firsts since I worked from home and was able to spend time with them during the week during my lunch breaks etc.

We were in Austin this past weekend and really appreciated the little pep talks from my friends - gave me comfort knowing this will be good for A&A. We got back home on Sunday afternoon and spent time with the girls. Fed them dinner, gave them their bath and talked them through what was coming today. We told them they were going to school and were going to have so much fun, that they would make new friends and they should strong and be there for each other. Also repeated the "no biting, kicking, fighting, pushing" rule. Insert first mummy meltdown - I had a little cry and the girls gave me sweet hugs and kisses, so innocent and unaware of what this meant to me. I know they are only 21 months and probably didn't really comprehend everything we said but it felt nice to prepare them. After they fell asleep Amit and I stayed up talking about what this meant for us, how we were going to handle the morning. I woke up at 4 in the morning and then again at 5 and finally got out of bed to get the day going, couldn't sleep much as my mind was just worrying about how they would do today.

In the morning the girls woke up with smiles, Amit and I got them ready and left the house for school after a little photo shoot of course. It rained all night and was still dark when we left for school so I didn't get the perfect photo's - the ones I had imagined in my head but you know that's ok. I believe the rain was a good sign - sign of washing away the old and starting something new.
We got them in the car and started our drive to the school. We continued to talk them through what was coming in the car and prepare them for school. As we drove in and got them out - they both wanted to walk to the door. Aashna saw the play area and was all ready to play. Aariya in her explorer ways was too busy finding things on the ground to pick up.

Once we got to their class they both ran back to us and wanted to sit in our laps - my heart sank a little thinking this was going to be a tough drop off. But then their teacher walked them to the desk with the other kids and toys and they started to feel more comfortable. Amit and I stayed and watched for a bit - we so didn't want to leave but we knew we had to soon otherwise it would just be hard on all of us. As they transitioned to circle time Amit and I left the room (didn't say goodbye because I didn't want tears). We stepped out and watched them for a while. They got busy with puppet time and stopped looking for us. We knew then it was ok to leave and we headed back to work. It didn't turn into the drop off I had worried about for nights - they did better than I had every imagined. NO TEARS from any of us - biggest achievement for me. If you know me you know tears are always just waiting to flow (I get it from my mum).

I called once around lunch time to see how things were going - a part of me didn't want to know if they were having a meltdown. But the director checked on them and said they were still doing good so that made me feel so so so much better about our decision. I ran out to grab some lunch and couldn't stop myself from driving to the school, I knew it was nap time and just wanted to see them. When I got there they were both fast asleep and the teacher told me they ate well and did cry a little but then got distracted with the toys and friends. I think I need to start dressing them different or put on a bracelet so the teachers can tell them apart. They still have a hard time telling who is who. This is how they told them apart for today :)
We picked them up early since it was their first day and they were so HAPPY to see us. The teacher said they did really good for their first day in school, they were so close to each other all day and looked out for each other. They both ate and napped well, they got to see a firetruck and walk through it. Its these little opportunities that make the stress all worth it. They will make lots of friends and get to experience so many different activities that I as a working mum cant do with them. I really hope this sticks and tomorrow goes just as well. Wish us luck! They always say its harder on the parents - both Amit and I had a lump in our throat as we drove away in the morning but the day ended well and we both feel so much better about this new stage. Thanks for checking in with us during the day - we appreciated all the support. 


Sameera Yusuf said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. It's a big step for them and we get scared thinking how they'll do. I started leaving my son at daycare when he was 7 months. But infact, we are always surprised the first day of preschool/school/daycare always turns out much better than we expect.Your daughters are blessed and lucky to have such loving parents and I wish them all the best in whatever they do. Dont worry Reema...they'll be just fine :)

Mommy G said...

Aww these lil cuties make us all so proud!! Totally expected the no tears seeing how social they were this weekend.

You guys did good too .. no tears at drop off! yay! Way to go Pandyas! :)

Lakshmy said...

Awwwwww so emotional. It's the hardest part to just let them go. But with parents like you, your girls can never go wrong. It's great how you are safekeeping all these memories. Awesome job!! Good luck and positive energie .

shruti said...

All these little dinky doos are more resilient than we think they are or give them credit for. They do just fine. It's the parents that have the hardest time letting go. I've been in the same boat. It will be smooth sailing with the girls, you watch. All the best to you and the little sweethearts.