Sunday, November 2, 2014

What did I smile about in October!

What a fun month with lots of different festivities. The girls are settled in school and Amit and I are getting used to the new routine. Before we know it 2014 will be over but till then there is so much more to celebrate and enjoy this year. Hope you all had a good month full of sweets and candy!

Garba at the Temple - We managed to go to one more Garba celebration at the temple on a weeknight. The girls were a little tired but still enjoyed the music. They got to wear these lovely south Indian inspired desi outfits thanks to my mum's lovely friend.
Cooler weather - weather in Texas is so unpredictable. It can look like this (before) one minute and change in to a beautiful day after only 30 minutes (after). This has been a beautiful October with pleasant evenings and still warm days.
Hair clips - Finally made the girls some hair clips to match their Indian outfits. I love making things and being creative and finally got around to making them right before Diwali.
Happy Birthday Mila and Deven - I am embarrassed to say it took us a whole year to see these two sweet peas. The girls had so much fun at M&D's party and cant wait for another play date.
Lets color - A&A's latest obsession is with chalk and love to color. They know most of the basic colors and have their favorites. I can see a lot of art projects in our future, that's one thing the girls and I have in common.
Austin - We had an awesome time in Austin. A&A loved to play with Zain and surprisingly they all got along and we didnt have to break up many fights. The weather was wet and gloomy on Saturday morning so we just stayed in and bummed around. Was a perfect trip - relaxing! I also got to attend the Desai baby 2's celebration. Congratulations Gayathri and Priyank.
Preschool - What an unexpected first day of school, you can read about it here. The second day was a disaster lots of tears for us all. I think the girls realized what was happening and cried when we left. But things got better as the week progressed and now the drop offs are much much easier. The girls talk about their teacher and friends and seem excited about school which is such a relief. They are already learning so many new things - can say the days of the week, are learning to eat on their own with a spoon and drink out of an open cup. The director shared with me that they were a little worried how they would manage the twin's limb difference. Wondered if they would need more attention but they have surprised them too. I love hearing that the girls can keep up and do it all with little help.
School fair - Week one and the kids events are already happening. The school had its fall fair the first week we joined and they had a good time with balloons, fishing ducks and eating pop corn. We didnt stay late as the girls were beat. School does tire them out quickly which is good in a way.
Diwali - We hosted our first Diwali party at home. I want A&A to enjoy all the festivals Amit and I grew up celebrating with our family along with the American ones. I hope to expose them to diversity and to teach them about their heritage. The girls loved helping me decorate and light all the candles. I even got them some sparklers that we lite on Diwali and then again on the weekend at the party! Thank you to those who came and celebrated with us. Hope the new year brings you all lots of light, peace and happiness.
Halloween - This will probably be the last year we get to pick a costume for the kids. Last year was my choice and this year Amit picked them. We did a family costume  and it was fun trick or treating with the twins. We started the festivities at their school. It was so cute to see all the little ones dressed up. Aashna wasnt too keen on keeping her shark head on but Aariya liked it. We joined Saachi and her mum after and I think they all had fun walking the neighborhood. The girls arent too fond of chocolates/candy yet so I think Amit and i will be eating it on their behalf this year!!

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Anar Patel said...

It was so much fun to read your blog as always. love all the pics, girls' adorable dresses and love the hair clips you made for them. will need to venture into that for Anika :) they seem to be doing great at school!!