Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Matter of Factly!

So that moment, the moment I have been dreading arrived Tuesday morning. As I dropped the girls to school Aashi just said to me "mama my hand broken". At first I wasn't sure if I heard her right so I asked her to repeat what she said. So she said it again, of course it caught me off guard and without really reacting to what she said I asked her "which hand Aashi?". She pointed to her baby hand! By this time we had already pulled into the school parking lot so I walked out to get her out of her seat and said to her "Aashi your hand is not broken love its just small baby hand ok?". She nodded and that was it. We walked in to school, dropped the backpacks and off they both went to start their day. 

A few days ago I had posted a question on Lucky fin's Facebook page asking other mothers when their little ones started to notice their hands. Little did I know those answers were going to help me deal with that morning. I got back into the car I wanted to cry but I didn't!. I texted Amit right away and shared with him what had just happened. He asked me if Aashi seemed sad, informed or indifferent. She said it so casually and wasn't sad about it - I think she was just sharing the fact. That little one is our old wise soul, Aariya is more private and doesn't verbalize her feelings as much but I wonder if she feels the same way about her baby hand. The bottom line is it happened and we survived it. I am sure as they grow the questions will be different and will come with some emotions but for now we addressed the first step. 

A few days later both the girls were playing on the slide we have at home and they insisted on walking up the slide. My first instinct was to stop them - I was afraid they would fall attempting to do it with one hand. But then I thought if they had two arms I would let them try. So I let them do it and actually encouraged them to try it but carefully. Aashi went first and in passing shared with Amit that in a weeks time they will have figured it out. Forget a week Aashi did it on her first try and Aariya followed soon after. Nothing stops these two and they make me soooo soooo proud. They also continuously teach me to trust their abilities. Here is a video of Aariya making it up the slide! 


Charanya said...

This made me smile this morning! Kisses to the girls and kudos to you two for raising them beautifully!

Elisabeth said...

Loved this. Our middle son is LBE and we are very intune with our limb different community! I showed your darling girls to all three of my boys and they said, AWESOME! We loved differences in our house :). I think it is an extraordinarily special thing to grow up with a sister that knows EXACTLY how you are feeling. We are always on the lookout for other limb different kiddos so that Oliver can see that he's got "buddies" in the world who "look like him". How special to love and be loved by someone who looks just like you. Your girls are a lucky pair ;). All the best! ~ Bess Posada