Saturday, February 7, 2015

What did I smile about in January!

The year started off busy and its been a roller-coaster weather month. But I am not complaining and will take the occasional 70F days in January anytime. I hope your year started off with a bang.

Life with lemons - We gave them a taste thinking they would find it sour and not want them again. WRONG. They love lemons and wanted to eat more. This was the last weekend before Dhaval went back to Toronto and we lucked out with some good weather to play outside.
Riding in the Ferrari's - Talk about spoiling them young. Amit really wanted these for them and honestly its one of the most fun toys they have (I have to admit). They love sitting in them and letting us drive them around. Cant wait for some great weather so we can test them outside on the driveway.
Pandya family - Amit's cousin and his family came to visit us and the girls had a blast with their little cousin. The Pandya brothers all together again.
Birthday party - I feel like their birthday celebrations were a month long. Their actual birthday, school celebrations and finally their party. I want to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us and I can say for sure the kids loved it and had so much fun. I think some of the adults enjoyed jumping on the trampolines just as much as the kiddo's.
Mall play - It was cold for a few days and how better to exhaust them then indoor mall play area's. It was our first time at the Galleria play and the girls had a blast. I think we will be going back there again.
Souk - We have been wanting to check out the Trinity groves area in Dallas and ventured there one Friday evening. I cant wait for it to get warmer so we can enjoy the patio while the kids run around. The Souk had great veg options and the girls enjoyed the Belly Dancing show (ok ok so did Papa).
Zainu is here! - We were excited to spend the weekend with Zain, Khala and masa. The weather was perfect and so we ventured to the zoo for the first time. The kids loved it and the weather couldn't have been better. These three get along so well and had an awesome weekend together.
How many adults does it take to put a play kitchen together? - The boys expected this to take an hour. Almost 4 hours later the kitchen was ready for play. The girls love their gift - Thank you Badal kaka.
Superbowl cook off - A little competition is always fun. We had a work Superbowl themed cook off and I had the team over to prep for it. It was fun making cup cakes and dip while A&A entertained us with their cars. The icing on the cake - we tied for the win the next day. YAY!
Sunglasses - Its because of this conversation we decided to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car and wear them in the morning to school.
Aariya (sitting in her car seat on the way home): Mummy its hot, sun coming in my eyes
Me (while driving the car): Close your eyes Aari
Aariya (refusing to close her eyes): switch sun off please
Me (laughing away): Honey mummy cant reach the sun