Sunday, March 1, 2015

What did I smile about in February!

Another busy short month - The month of February always seems to just fly away as we try and get some much in.

Lunch Date - we snuck in a lunch date one afternoon while the girls were in school. It was a gorgeous day as you can see.
Scottish Rite - we had our annual visit with the Ortho's at the Scottish Rite. This is our routine exam so the Doctors can track their growth and make sure A&A are developing well and using their baby hands as they should. The professional team there continues to assure us that A&A are doing great and don't need any tools right now. The doctor asked if he could take a picture of them for his class as he hasn't seen twins where both are affected by symbrachydactyly. And of course our girls gave him huge smiles for the camera. We also toured the prosthesis department for the first time even though we are far from needed anything right now. We wanted to see what the team has to offer for when the need arises.
Stop and smell the flowers - They love nature and flowers so every day after we leave class we make a stop in front of the flowers to admire their beauty haha. We also took a trip to the temple that day and of course the girls enjoyed running around.
Dentist check - Had our first visit with to the Dentist and the girls did great. They let the Dr brush and floss their teeth and have since stopped asking for Milk in the middle of the night and are very particular about their oral hygiene. A little fear of having to go back really helped our case. We stopped at the grocery store after and of course they wanted to sit on these swans.
Crazy hair! - The girls inherited my crazy wavy hair. They cant sit still so its not much fun for me to try and comb it every morning. This is what it looks like in the morning. The girls have learnt and mastered the word "No". So you can imagine how our conversations go and everything has become a negotiation. The funniest is when Aashi says no to Aari and then Aari tells her not to say no to her. This then goes back and forth for a few minutes till Aari gets annoyed and tells on her sister to me. Not a dull moment in our household lately.
Valentines day - on the eve of Valentines day we went to celebrate at our favorite Pizza joint and the girls loved it. They got dressed up in their red heart dresses that Amit's aunt sent them from London. They exchanged cards in school and had an lovely day. As for Amit and I just seeing them enjoy our little family date night was so heart warming. We are so thankful for our little gifts and little family!
Perot - our new favorite spot in Dallas. The girls love the little childrens museum and also enjoy the frogs outside when its nice and warm. We ended the Valentines weekend with a lovely dinner at VillaO with our friends. I think we were the only people there as a group that evening - everyone else was out on a date all dressed up. But to me the day is best spend with all my loved ones.
Dress up just because - I pulled out some old clothes one evening to give them away and the girls saw these new outfits that Amit's aunt brought for them. So of course we had to play dress up and after 3 outfit changes we settled on this one. It was a battle to get them out of these clothes and into their pajama's that night.
Austin - we love this City and always have a great time with our friends there. We caught a nice day and decided on a last minute picnic at the park . The following day it rained so we kept the kiddo's busy at an indoor trampoline park. Guaranteed to tire them out!
Iced in round one! - What happens to Dallas when an ice storm comes? We all get locked into our houses and drive each other crazy. I think we exhausted every play thing - from the sitting on Papa's head, playing with all their toys, play doh and art supplies.