Friday, April 17, 2015

What did I smile about in March!

A month of crazy weather, time with friends, and travel across the world. I was looking forward to some nice weather but that didn't happen but at least we were able to get away to Bahrain and enjoy some heat.

Another round of snow - we are prepared for at least one ice/snow storm a year but this time it came back to back and was about to throw a wrench into my reunion plans. The girls were still under the weather a little and were too cold to go out and play so they just watched Amit and Avni masi have a snow ball fight through the window.
Amee Masi is here - little miss trooper came all the way from Dubai for our little ISB reunion. She flew in to Dallas and was going to drive with Shruti and I to Austin. Luckily the snow had started to melt and Amit was nice enough to drive me to the airport to pick her up since i was afraid of skidding on the icy wet roads. Thanks for spending the week with us and introducing my girls to the world of Nerds!! Thats their bribe treat now.
ISB reunion - The weather cleared up just enough to kick off our weekend in Austin. It wasn't as warm as we had hoped for but it was nice to see these girls after a while. The last reunion was 5 years ago and none of us were mum's. We don't talk regularly but were able to just pick up from years ago. Nisha hope you had a good birthday with us and thanks girls for making this happen. Looking forward to the next one in Europe hopefully! We are parents in a different generation where both parents are hands on and I think its very normal to expect the dad's to step in for us when we are away. But I also realize that not all ladies are equally lucky so I want to thank all our hubbies for being equal parents and watching our kids so we could enjoy this little trip away.
Perot with Saachi - Yes yes you are probably tired of reading about our trip to the Perot but it has seriously become a go to spot with the kids. This time A&A got to show Saachi all their cool hang out spots.
Ads and Sadhi- FINALLY! I have been nagging these two to come visit us for years and it finally happened. It was so nice to have them stay with us for a week. A&A fell in love with Aditi and got to know her very well through face time but they also bonded so quickly with Sadhna aunty while she was here.
Cupcakes - Aditi wanted to bake us some cupcakes and who says no to such a generous offer. These were delish!
Park obsession - The weather was nice the day Aditi arrived and we literally dragged her straight to the park because the girls insisted on going. We even took Sadhna aunty there the next day just in case she felt left out.
NY - on Christmas day our friend Sahir texted us about the Etihad glitch and we thought he was joking. Long story short all off ended up booking a last minute trip to the middle east. The flights took us through JFK. We had a 7 hour halt there so made our way to Neel's and hung out with this lot. It was nice to see the Dvivedi brothers and Aditi once more. We need to get together again for a longer reunion soon.
Bahrain - After the last minute urgent care trip for Aariya i thought we were good to go till little miss Aashna couldn't stay still on the plane and had a hard fall. Once we got that taken care of she woke up with a high fever and threw up just like her sister did a few days ago on the plane. So after the horrible flight over we were so ready to be home in Bahrain. A&A saw my parents and immediately recognized them and ran to them at the airport. I was so happy to hand them over. Surprisingly they bounced back in the next day and were happy giddy little things. This trip was extra special because we got to meet Shayaan! We met him and his mother through my mum in Bahrain and were so happy to connect with this awesome family. He is truly an inspiration to us and a great role model for A&A. Fadia - Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and for reassuring me that our kids can do everything - they will just do it a little differently!

Dubai/Abu Dhabi - We spent a day in Abu Dhabi and Dubai before heading back home. Thanks to facebook we realized Amit's cousin Sonal and her family were in Dubai visiting from the UK. So in a short day we got to meet them and spend some time Bhavna aunty, Raj uncle, Amin, Mai and the Kapoors. A special shout out to Sadhna aunty for driving us to Dubai and back!

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