Sunday, May 17, 2015

What did I smile about in April!

Back home from the middle east and finally settled back into routine. Fortunately jet lag is much easier to deal with coming back west than going east. And as usual the month picked up and got busy.

MyTy's birthday - So much fun at their Elmo birthday. The girls had a blast jumping and getting their hands painted. Thanks so much for letting us celebrate with you!
Planting flowers - The girls were so excited to help Amit and I plant these beauties. They learnt all the flower names and talk to the flowers every day to help them grow.
Happy 1st birthday to Anika - We drove to Austin to celebrate Anika's first birthday but ended up in the Urgent care with two sick kiddo's. They ended up running really high fevers.
Sick kiddo's - the fever's carried on for almost a week and needless to say I was exhausted caring for them and trying to juggle work. These darn virals take their sweet time to go away and all you can do is be patient. These two monkey's turned the house upside down when the fever was low with the medicines.
10 year celebration - A decade at Accenture! We have a great group that started the same year and we all got together to celebrate this huge milestone. A fun night with a fun group of people.
Friso children's museum - The school has a 24 hour fever free rule so one day when they finally beat that annoying fever we ended up at this place. I have been meaning to go there for the longest time but cant ever make it during the week and they are closed on the weekends for only private parties. The girls had a fun time!
Blue Bonnets - I cut it close this year and took pictures on our own at a local spot in Irving. Thanks to the fevers and the crazy rain it was hard to find a good time for all four of us.
Pre school game night - the school had scheduled a night at the museum at school. The girls had a blast with the soccer shots, find the dino game and of course fishing the ducks. The fun was cut short thanks to a Tornado warning and we had to rush home in the rain.
Amin kaka's visit - The girls had so much fun with Amin kaka while he was here in Dallas. They loved walking around UT and enjoyed the sunset at the Oasis. We couldn't leave Austin with out seeing Zainu! We also got to meet Nael and were lucky to sneak this last picture of all the four kids.
Nanu's birthday - Happy birthday Nanu. The girls were so excited to wish them but wanted cake through facetime. Cant wait to see them in a week!

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