Sunday, June 7, 2015

What did I smile about in May!

I keep falling behind with these updates but hopefully will catch up soon. I thought I would have plenty of time with my parents visiting but it was busier than expected, in a good way of course.

Nani Nanu are here - So excited to have my parents visit for 2 whole months. I am sure time will fly by quickly but we hope to make the most of it.
Asian festival - It turned out to be a bright beautiful day to visit the Klyde Warren park. The girls enjoyed watched the Asian entertainment and best of all dancing to Indian music while jumping in the water.
Congratulations Barbs and Dave! - We left the kids with the grandparents the second night they were here to celebrate Barbara and Dave's engagement. We are so happy for them and cant wait to celebrate with them on their big day.
Park with Saachi - Another beautiful day in Dallas before all the rains. We took the kids to the Grapevine Dove park. They enjoyed the water sprays as well but insisted on coming back to the swings.
Mothers day - My mum and I took couple of hours off to spoil ourselves with some spa time. It was so nice to enjoy this day with my mum. The girls made me the cutest little things in school.
Hair cuts - the girls really needed a hair cut and after the last experience I wasn't looking forward to the tears. But its amazing what a lollipop, glitter hearts on their faces and sparkles in the hair can do to the whole experience. They both walked out of there telling me how much they loved getting a hair cut!
Seema masi's brief visit - Its always awesome when Seema squeezes in some time for us during her work visits. It was great catching up with her and Neha at dinner. Seema even managed to reschedule her flight for the next morning. The girls were so excited to have her feed them breakfast and drop them to school.
Houston - we drove to Houston for a quick weekend getaway. I didnt realize how many people my parents know there. It was nice to see and meet some extended family and was happy to get a quick meal in with the Benipal's.
Winery - Girls event from work at this little winery in Grapevine. Always a fun time with these ladies. 
Austin - We went memorial day in Austin with my parents while Amit enjoyed my cousins bachelor party. It was my dad's first trip back there after my graduation. The weather in Texas has been really strange this year and had some 30 days of rain. We lucked out with a nice day so were able to venture out to Mt Bonnell.
 Happy birthday to me - Another milestone crossed! I think after 30 it all feels the same till may be you hit the next big 0. Amit organized a sweet dinner with family and friends the day of my birthday which was followed by a quick weekend getaway with my college friends. Thank you all for celebrating with me.

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