Sunday, July 5, 2015

What did I smile about in June!

Finally feels like summer after a month of rain. The girls love the outdoors and we have spent a lot of time with water activities and parks. Hope you all are enjoying some sun. Another busy month with my parents.

Summer days - I love watching the kids spend time with my parents. We took the girls to a duck pond, they enjoyed watching them but were a little scared of them too. Finished the night off at one of our favorite restaurants.
 Splash splash - the water table makes for hours of fun. The girls loved splashing us and each other.
Play date with Saachi - Its so much fun seeing these three play together. They love being silly and running all over the place.
Pool times - Finally the weather is warm enough for the pool. We have a public pool in Irving that has a spray pool which the girls loved. They also discovered the water slides the last time we went and of course wanted to go down them over and over again. 
Fathers day - It was a great day to spend with these two after a long time. The girls love Mango's and Nanu made sure they had some cut and ready every day after school for his little babies. Dinesh Dad thank you for  unconditionally supporting us and always giving us the best. Ashvin dad thank you for all the non stop facetime chatter that gets the girls so excited. And finally Amit you are an amazing father - so patient and loving. The pictures below speak volumes to describe your love for them. You know just how to break the tantrum cycle and getting all of us to calm down when the girls and I are having one of our mother daughter fights.
Night out - My parents volunteered to watch the girls one evening so we could grab some drinks with these friends. It was a fun night followed by late night eating - reminded me of the pre baby days.
Family visits - Parul kaki and Girish kaka drove down from Houston to spend a night with us. It was so great to see them and be able to host them after everything they do for us when we visit Bombay.

Sleepy babies - The girls crawl into bed with us some nights and this day we caught them cuddling each other in the morning. It was the cutest thing ever - I just wanted to sit and watch them sleep but had to wake them up for school.
Mustangs - the must see attraction in Irving ha! The girls loved running around and chasing nanu and papa. It was a beautiful evening to watch the horses and fountains, walking around and enjoying a beautiful summer night.
Soccer - the girls are enrolled in their first class. They started soccer through school. We cant watch them every time but Amit drove over to witness their first and brought me back some pictures. They are so excited about it and show me all their moves.