Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What did I smile about in August!

I thought having twins would slow us down but that has not happened. It was another busy month with some travel and lots of fun. Hope y'all stayed cool through this summer and were able to make some fun memories with your loved ones. 

Twins - Amit and Aval wore similar shorts one afternoon and the girls were so excited to see others dressed alike like them. 
Play doh mess - Their favorite thing to play with right now and make their Papa join in the fun too. Doesnt he look so excited ;)
Happy Birthday Chaitni - Got a sitter one night to celebrate Ms Chin Chin's birthday a week in advance. It was an awesome time!
Back from Bermuda - It was great seeing the Tilley clan for dinner while they were visiting Dallas. Hope to meet for longer next time.
 Happy girls - The solution to all our problems is lollipop's.
Austin - We drove to Austin to celebrate Zain's birthday and stayed with the Raja's. The girls had a blast with all their friends and even got a nice swim in one afternoon.

Sprinklers - These two love water and can play with the sprinkler's all day if we let them. They had a blast splashing the rest of us watching on the sides too.
Dentist - The girls did soo soo good at their second check. No tears and all clear from the dentist! They enjoy brushing and flossing so it makes it easier on us too.
San Francisco - We took a last minute trip to San Fran to see the Sait's and meet little baby Armaan! The girls had fun playing (fighting) with Sara and rocking baby Armaan and Stoli cat on the couch. Hope to see you all in Dallas soon.
First day of Preschool - The girls are officially in preschool now and are doing so well. They love their friends and their teachers which makes sending them a lot easier for us.
Happy birthday Dadi - Even though you are far away from us, we remembered you all day and the girls were so excited they sang "Happy birthday" all day for you.

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