Monday, December 28, 2015

Terrific 3's!

I cant believe its been three years since I wrote this. If I had known then what I know now about my loves I wouldn't have shed a single tear for the unknown. So if you are reading this and are a new mum to a lucky fin - celebrate this time!

Aariya and Aashna are 3 - how did that happen so quickly is what all parents ask. They are compassionate and kind but also curious and feisty when they want to be. They drive us nuts with the "why's" and melt our hearts with the kisses, hugs and "I love you's".  They are each others biggest cheerleaders, they fight occasionally but are inseparable, a bond that a lot of us will never experience. This stage is so much fun, they talk non stop and love to share their school stories with us everyday. Its entertaining to hear them talk about their friends and the fun they have. Even if it means developing an obsession for Elsa and the frozen series! I tried really hard to keep the princess thing away but its now here to stay. They are so similar yet so different in many ways. Aariya is all peanut butter and chocolate and Aashna is all jam and vanilla! Not identical in their likes!

Aashna - is our little sassy diva! She is super social and will be the first one to give you a high five and say hello or even show you her dance moves. She is eager to be independent in little tasks like wearing her shoes, clothes but takes a little longer to try new activities. She loves to talk and carries the worlds stress on her shoulder - our little considerate and sensitive soul. She can talk your ears out and her stories to share with everyone - none of us get a chance to speak when she starts!
Aariya - if i had to describe her in two words - Cheeky brat! She is a lady of few words but her eyes speak a thousand. She is guarded but once she is comfortable she makes her presence known. She is curious, firm, strong willed and defiant when she wants to be. She plays more independently but when it comes to dressing up, wearing her shoes or eating her meals she is happy to let me do all of it. Those tasks aren't exciting enough to figure out on her own yet but she will master the playscape at the playground with out fear!
There are days I get frustrated when Aashna wants to sit on my lap while we eat dinner or when Aariya comes crawling into our bed at night. But then I think about how quickly time is passing us by and I cherish these moments. I will take the extra lap time and cuddles at night while I can - it wont be too long before hanging out with us parents wont be cool enough for them. We didn't really experience the terrible 2's but are getting a glimpse of troublesome 3's. I butt heads with miss Aashna every morning because she wants to pick her clothes. Aariya picks her battles but when she is upset the entire neighborhood knows - that girls can scream. They are definitely developing strong personalities and absorb like sponges - we have to really watch what we say around them now. The two of them continue to surprise me with their words. They know how to use them in the right context at the right time.
Aariya and Aashna your Papa and I love you tremendously and are so proud of you. You live life with such poise and patience. You exude such strength and confidence but are humble and loving at the same time. I truly pray we can support the two of you this way for years to come. You bring joy to all of us and a smile to our faces daily. Happy 3rd birthday sweethearts!


Meenakshi said...

Reema, I feel I know your two girls without ever having met them! They sound like tremendous fun. If you and Amit ever come London side, please do let us know. We'd love to spend some time and get to know the girls! Meenakshi

Reema - Amit said...

Thanks Meenakshi! London is definitely on the list just dont know when yet - have lots of family and friends to visit.