Sunday, February 7, 2016

What did I smile about in January!

Happy New Year! 2016 started of well and we hope yours did too. We had another busy month with the kids and planning for our big trip in February (more to come on that later).

Divas - they were very excited to dress up and wear their boots out one evening for dinner. I joke with my friends that these two are going to cost me an arm and a leg with their obsession for nice clothes and accessories. They are my daughters after all - cant blame them!
Zara baby! - Aashna and Aariya love dolls and Zara was their perfect little one for the weekend. They loved kissing her and holding her hand.
Birthday party - the long awaited birthday party was at the trampoline park again this year. Their favorite place to go play. This years theme was planned around their love for skittles. The girls had a great time with all their friends. Thank you for coming and celebrating with us.
Laser Tag - I haven't played laser tag in a long time and forgot how much fun it can be. There is nothing more entertaining than watching 30 competitive grown up's (my coworkers) running around trying to shoot each other!
Bella's princess party - A dream party for Aariya and Aashna to satisfy their Elsa obsession. Thank you Bella for letting us celebrate with you. It was a great party and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
Chin Chin Love - The girls loved playing with Coco and keeping Chin on her toes while mummy and daddy hung out and got some down time.
Three year olds - the twins now consider themselves as older kids and so insist sitting on big girl chairs and not high chairs. Its funny to watch them eat as their heads barely reach over the table! Eating pizza at one of our favorite joints - Cavali's
Fun times with Saachi - these three crack me up! They are growing to be great friends and hate leaving each other at the end of the night.
Love jumping - the twins favorite play place is the trampoline park. So when its cold and the girls are driving me nuts at home i just take them to one to get all that energy out. This evening they insisted on wearing their Minnie ears and dancing!
Mango and Sheero - A&A take after Amit and love everything sweet. Their favorite fruit has to be Mango and they can eat it all day if I let them. Pair that with sheero makes two very happy toddlers!

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