Thursday, March 31, 2016

What did I smile about in March!

I cant believe we are already through the third month of 2016. We had a fun family month and are looking forward to some warm weather. Happy Spring everyone!

IWD 2016 - This year's International women's day celebration was a joint event with all these amazing companies in the metroplex. Accenture and Southwest Airlines led the event and even the donuts were decorated to sport the company colors and logo's.
Family - Amit's uncle was visiting from London and it was the first time he was meeting the twins. It was great seeing you Deepak mama! Hope to see you back here again soon.
Mavs game - There was a time I watched every mav's game and knew all the players. Not the case any more - I couldn't even count two active players I knew (only knew Novitzski) This was our first live game since 2014. We lost the game but it was still a good time.
Bubbles and Park - The weather is finally getting better and the girls are definitely making the most of it, spending time doing their favorite things.
Meet Vera! - I cant believe it took us this long to meet. Lindsay brought Vera our way and met us for lunch. She is such a sweet happy baby and let me hold her for a little while. Hope to see you all before you head off on your 2 year adventure.
St patty's day - The school celebrates every holiday and so the girls dressed up in their only green piece of clothing and had fun with art work in school. Oh yeah they are also getting ready for Easter so they insisted on wearing the bunny ears with their green St Patty's day outfit.
Austin - This was my bribe all week! Be good if you want to go to Austin and see Zain and Zara. The kids had a blast together at the park and clearly so did we!
Anika's birthday - This little diva is two already! It is so great to see these kids together and I hope they form strong bonds and friendship just like their parents did.
Easter - We did two egg hunts this year. The first was their school one where the twins picked up mostly all eggs and then I had to make them share. And then we attended the Coppell one over the weekend. The twins were excited to see Bella there and enjoyed picking up the candy.
Holi - This has to be one of my favorite festivals because it brings out the little kid in everyone. Aariya and Aashna insisted on wearing sunglasses because they didnt want the powder to get in their eyes! Great idea because there was a lot of color flying around. They were so excited to get color on Amits hair and wanted rainbow color hair for themselves too. Definitely doing this again next year - we all had a blast.