Sunday, March 20, 2016

Favorites from Kenya!

We took over a 1000 pictures on this trip and these few were my favorites. These were not necessarily the most professional ones and some were taken on our phones but the memory and the story made them the best.

1. Aashna and Aariya are very clean babies and up till last year would refuse to touch sand on step on it because it was dirty. This was the first time they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it made Amit and I very happy. We love the beach and this means more beach vacations for us woo hoo!
2. Oh Kenya! - you are a beautiful nation and this was one of the most amazing times for our twins. I am so thankful for our families and am always grateful for the travel opportunities these two have already had. They got to experience this amazing nation at a very young age.
3. Grandparents are a blessing and these two did everything physically in their power to make this a memorable trip for their grand babies. My husbands family is of Indian descent but call Africa home. Amit, his parents and some grandparents were all born and raised in Africa - a blend of cultures! This masai man is the local representation of Kenya!
4. It was mating season for elephants when we were in the Mara. At this time of the year the males are very aggressive so one has to be a little careful. We were just driving around the game reserve when i saw this and shouting out "look Amit they are humping!" haha. Couldnt even get the proper term "mating" out as I was so excited to be able to capture this.
5. As I mentioned in the long February post - this was a once in a lifetime experience for Amit and I. We had already boarded the hot air balloon when i realized we didn't get one with the balloon in the background. The captain let us jump off and another passenger was nice enough to get off with us to take this shot.
 6. The king of the jungle! We saw several males but only this one with a grown mane. Amit took this picture and I have to give him credit, an amazing shot of this beast!
7. You can see how little that baby elephant is compared to the lion. There was a mumma and baby walking right in the path of 4 lions when they all woke up and moved out of the way. Some respect for these elephants alright!
8. This picture captures 3 of the big 5's - Elephant, Buffalo and Lion. All living in harmony in the jungle. There were two giraffes on the other side and none of them seemed to be bothered by each others presence. Of course it would be a different story if the Lions were hungry but even then they would pick on something smaller first!

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