Sunday, March 6, 2016

What did I smile about in February!

This months blog post is obviously going to be dominated with pictures from our trip to Kenya. I hope you all had a good leap year month! Ours was full of travel and lots of beautiful memories. The twins were troopers and did so well on the 8 flights, 3 cities and 9 hours of time difference both ways.

Scottish Rite Check - We had our annual check with the Ortho surgeon before we left for our trip. Like the previous visits they continue to be proud of Aariya and Aashna's development. He did say it might be time to introduce a tool for them to start riding a bike. A&A were chatty and engaged him a full conversation this time. It was so funny to watch the other nurses and Dr's peep into our room after our Dr left. They said that he told them there very cute twins in the room and that they all needed to go say hello to them.
On our way- The girls were so good on the flight there. Amit and I were very thankful for Emirates' wifi service. Ipad's were a huge hit and the girls also enjoyed the personal TV's in their seats. It was also our first trip without strollers. The twins walked on their own and had fun watching the planes at the airport.

Kenya - we arrived late on Friday and the girls were wide awake and ready to play. They finally fell asleep around midnight and kept Dada and Dadi extremely busy for the next two weeks. Their favorite game for the time there was making Dadi make them dough which they then rolled into puri's/chapati's. Thank you Rakhi, Dada and Dadi for entertaining these two munchkins and giving Amit and I a much needed break.
Mombasa - We left for the coast on Valentines day. Amit and I had a 2 hour break between the time we got to the hotel to our dinner dhow cruise. And of course the twins insisted on going for a swim so we got them dressed quickly and took them to the pool.
Valentine's day - Amit and I had a great evening aboard the Tamarind Dhow sans kids (the grandparents were happy to watch them for us). We got there early and enjoyed the sunset. It was a beautiful night to be on the water with great food and music.
Enjoying the Sun - while in Mombasa we took a glass bottom boat tour, spent a lot of time on the beach and at the pool. Here starts the picture over load.
Nairobi - After a few very relaxing and fun days on the beach we headed back to Nairobi and took the girls to the Giraffe center, Elephant Orphanage, spent a lot of time with Dadi and Dada's friends and also met Amit's friends. Amit's parents hosted a brunch for us so we could meet all their friends. The twins are seriously very fortunate to receive so much love and blessings from so many people.
Safari - Our final getaway in Kenya was to Masai Mara where we stayed at the Little Governor's camp. This was Aariya and Aashna first safari experience and what a trip it was for them. I am so grateful that they are so blessed and were able to experience this so early in their life. These game parks are so well kept and preserved and Africa is a wonderful place with so much to offer. I hope the people of this wonderful nation can continue to preserve this land for them and their wild life.

Bucket list check! - Amit and I have always wanted to do a hot air balloon safari. And thanks to Dadi watching the kids this time we were able to check this off our list. It was an amazing experience to watch the sunrise with the wildlife below. The cherry on top was the beautiful breakfast in the jungle which the kids were able to join after.

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