Sunday, June 5, 2016

What did I smile about in May!

This was a busy month with lots of outside time. Making the most of the weather before it gets HOT.

Picnic - we decided to go back to the arboretum again but with a full picnic this time. These three had a blast running around and tackling Shaili masi to the ground.
Spring Fling - The preschool had a little festival to kick off spring. The twins had so much fun we were the last to leave. They literally had to kick us out ha.
Arav's birthday - Aari and Aashi took a long while to warm up this day but it finally changed. They had a blast rolling on the floor and jumping up and down with Arav and Brian. Thanks for letting us be a part of your fun celebrations.
Mothers Day - The kids made me these cute little bags and cards in school and then showered with me flowers (which masi ba and nana got for them). I got the afternoon to my self and after i came back from my pedicure they wanted me to paint their nails too.

Build a Bear - This was my first time taking them to the mall by myself. We had a great time and they actually let me shop while they played with their new build a bears. Ofcourse they picked the exact same ones so I had to mark them when we got home.
Our first Dance recital - The twins just started Jazz/Tap through school and i was more excited about this than they were. Aariya refused to dance to the first one and just stood there. I tried to bribe her with a lollipop but that didnt work. But finally they both warmed up and were so cute. 
Another Austin weekend - this time we stayed with the Raja's. Aariya and Aashna love Nivu and love being called didi (older sister). They had so much fun playing together. We also celebrated Aadit's 5th birthday - growing up so quickly!
Memorial Day weekend - Celebrated my birthday and memorial day with a trip to San Antonio. If you havent been to the JW Marriott resort, you should definitely try it. The kids had a blast floating down the lazy river and playing on the water slides. A great end to the month!