Sunday, July 31, 2016

What did I smile about in July!

Lets get right to it - a lot of fun this summer! Hope you are staying cool and enjoying some quality family time.

Perot with the kiddo's - The kiddo's had a fun time finishing off the long weekend at the Museum.
July 4th - We braved the crowds and found our selves at the Coppell Independence day celebrations. It was so much fun watching these 5 run around chasing bubbles and then scream and shout out of excitement during the fireworks show.
Pedicure time - squeezed in some me time prior to traveling for work. I got my toes painted a fun shimmery blue - I would never pick a color like this but i knew it would make the twins so excited. The things I do for them!
Happy Birthday Anika - Lots of fun at the Flight museum. Thanks Anika for including us in your celebrations again. We really need to do a play date soon.
Up up and away - after two hour delay I was finally up in the air to St Charles. Caught this beautiful sunset on my way there.
Bahrain Family - I wasn't sure if she would be in town but it ended up working perfectly. It was so great catching up with Deepika. Thank you for driving over an hour to see me and showing me around this beautiful town.
Zain and Zara - Aari and Aashi was so excited to have her bff's in town. We had a great day at the pool, followed by fun times at the trampoline park. I am bummed I didnt get a picture of Aari and Aashi playing with Zara. They were in heaven with a life size doll and wanted to entertain her all day.
Sassy - I forgot to take their sunglasses to the restaurant so of course I had to give up mine. These two are little diva's and have a mind of their own.

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