Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What did I smile about in June!

This month started of a little rocky with a sick kid at home but we bounced back quickly and had another busy month full of visitors. We love having people over and the twins cherish spending quality time with our friends and family.

CG - I started camp gladiator a work out camp a few months ago. This is one program that I haven't gotten bored of yet and has motivated me to keep going. May be because its different every day/week and is a little competitive and makes me do things out of my comfort zone - like flip tractor tires, drag fire hoses across parking lots and combines cardio with weights. I didn't let having a sick baby keep me from going. I brought her with me which again is another thing that I love about this program. She was set up in the shade and watched me workout - which was equally fun for her too.
Nebulizer - Aariya developed a nasty cough which led to wheezing a first for us. The Dr asked us to do these breathing treatments at home till it went away which she LOVED because she got to watch Peppa pig while she sat with the mask. Even Aashna was all about Breathing treatment time because she got to join the Peppa Pig watching party. I love watching how excited they get over little things and how much they look after each other.
Cupcakes for Me - Since we were away for my birthday, Amit promised the girls they would bake cupcakes for me another weekend. They were so so excited and loved licking the batter before the cupcakes were baked.
Suj Masi time - Biggest mistake to make is to tell your toddlers that someone is coming to visit way before they are to arrive. The entire day they kept asking me when Suj masi was coming over. They warmed up to her quickly and were sad to see her leave. Next time you have to come spend more time with us Suj!
QT with the girls - Suj's visit was a great excuse for a quick dinner getaway. It was great catching up with these two over some yummy food and drinks.
Fathers Day! - We spent fathers day with Amit's cousins and family. The girls were so excited about his little gift that they put together in school. We are so lucky
Family from London - Aashi and Aari finally got to meet their Sajal Fia and Bhavik Fua from London. We loved spending time with you and will have to get together again very soon. 
Play Date - the twins have a cute little friend circle in school. I have become friends with their mum's and we really enjoyed getting them together one Sunday afternoon. Getting them to pose for a picture was next to impossible but I think I managed to at least get them in one frame below. 
Cousins - Ended the month with family from LA. The twins love their cousins and these four girls got along and had a blast together. Thanks to the Texas heat we spent a lot of time doing water stuff and ate a LOT of Tex-Mex. We miss having family close to us but definitely treasure the quality time when they come to town to visit.

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