Sunday, September 18, 2016

What did I smile about in August!

This has been a really busy month with family visiting and travel for us. Summertime in Texas also means a lot of pool time which we all love. Hope you all enjoyed some family time before the end of summer and start of school. Disclaimer - the Canada trip crossed into September so be ready for a lot more pictures in the next post.

Goofballs - These two have such a fun relationship. They are so entertaining to watch and have the funniest conversations. Aariya is strong enough to carry her sister now and loves to just pick her up. Aashna loves the attention and is happy to be carried.
Yu-To time! - We finally met up with Barbara and Dave for brunch. It was great catching up with these two. We should not wait this long to do this again.
Nani is in Dallas - the day she got here she had the joy of watching sick kiddo's. The twins love eating home cooked food and of course had to watch while nani made them their yummies. I am thankful for the time they get to spend with their grandparents. And even more thankful for getting some me time when they come.
Scottish Rite play ground - On our way to the mall we stopped at his fun playground and of course the twins had a blast. The best was watching them giggle over the frog! Nani spoilt them with a trip to the Disney store after and they were so so excited. 
Happy Birthday Chin Chin - Thanks to my mum Amit and I were able to get away and celebrate with this crazy bunch. Hope you have a great year Chaitni.
Another fun Austin trip - We headed to Austin one more time before the Canada travel to celebrate Zain's birthday. I love that all these kiddo's have gotten to know each other well and have a blast when they are together. 
Masi's! - I am happy we have managed to see Seema every year. since the kids were born She was in Austin visiting her sister so we caught up over a quick brunch before heading back to Dallas. 
First day of PreK - I cant get over how quickly these two babies of ours are growing up. PreK 1 - how did that happen so quickly? They did so well on their first day with uniforms and watching them write their names really made me realize my babies are all grown up now. They love their new teachers which makes it all awesome!
Canada here we come - And we were off for a nice little getaway to Mamu Dhaval's house. It was my first time traveling with the twins. I wasn't worries about the actual flying, just the logistics of how i was going to get to the airport with 2 bags, 2 strollers, 2 car seats, 2 kids and 3 back packs. Amit couldn't get away from work that after noon to drop me so I originally planned to take an uber. Thankfully a friend volunteered to take me - BEST DECISION EVER! I couldn't have gotten all checked in with out her help. Once that was done the rest was a breeze. Thanks to TSA Pre check, we didn't have to wait long in security lines or take off our shoes or laptops. The airplane crew got a kick out of watching the twins all settled into their seats with their headphones and ipads. Even when we landed in Toronto - everyone was so helpful and let us cut in the LONG immigration line. Making my way through that winding line with a double stroller was no fun task. 
All sorts of reunions - The last time we traveled to Canada, a week didn't seem long enough. This time it was for two weeks and still felt the same. So many friends and family to catch up with. I am glad the twins are good travelers and and thankful they love people just as much as we do. Their routine was out the window but that didn't seem to affect them one bit. They enjoyed spending time with everyone and had a blast! My brother lives downtown and had a pool in the building which the twins LOVED going to with nanu and nani while i worked. They also loved being able to go down the elevator and for walks everyday. So much to see in downtown TO.