Saturday, October 8, 2016

What did I smile about in September!

Another picture filled blog post but I am sure you all expect that from me by now. This was another busy month and I assure the next few will be the same. We love it that way!

Canada continued - Amit joined us for the long weekend and the fun continued. We got to meet some family from Jersey and tie rakhi's in person this year. We also celebrated Aditi's 21st birthday and spent q time in Oakville. The highlight was watching the twins get all dolled up thanks to Vinti masi. They were so excited about their high heels, tutu's, tiara's and jewelry! Amit was there for a very short time but we still managed to see some of the city! I was also fortunate to squeeze in a visit with Shruti and her sweet family. Thanks for all the hospitality Toronto - appreciate all the love.
Blue Mountain - after Amit left we headed to Blue mountain for a night. The kids were so excited to go on another adventure. Thank you mum, dad and Dhaval for an awesome time. 
Dadi is here - Amit's mum arrived the same day we got back from Canada so it was a nice transition for the kids. After spending two weeks with so many people in Canada I was a little worried on how I was going to entertain the twins when we got back.
Hair cuts again - The twins love getting their hair cut. Why wouldn't they? Sparkles, lollipops and of course Elsa braids.
Goof balls - The twins can create an adventure out of anything. We had propped up the mattress in their room which they turned into a slide. Dont worry we were very careful and they did this with adult supervision.
Saachi's Birthday - What a fun party! The kids loved picking their new fav toy and watching it get stuffed. Thanks for sharing your big day with us sweet girl.
Souk with Badal Kaka - We got to hang out with Badal kaka after a really long time. It was a gorgeous evening which ended in to an crazy stormy night. Fun times at the Trinity groves regardless.
Fairies on Aval Kaka's birthday - A birthday means a party so the twins decided to dress up. Too much sass to handle sometimes ha. Hope you had a great birthday Aval! And a big thank you Dadi for making us fly.
Culture night at school - did we or did we put up a show! The twins love dancing and some of their moves lately sigh! The Irving police department was invited to this event and one of the officers came up to me later and said "maam you are in trouble with those two!" Can you believe that - i just hope every one realizes they dont learn their moves from me!!
Dada is here! - The twins were so excited to see him that they chose to stay home with dada and dadi instead of going out with us. Amit and I squeezed in a quick date night to take advantage.