Saturday, November 5, 2016

What did I smile about in October!

The fall always seems to go by so quick - lots of festivities combined with some travel! Hope you all had a blessed Indian Festive month.

Austin trip - Our first trip for the month was to Austin and as usual the kids had a blast with their friends. Patels thank you for your hospitality again! The three diva's loved bugging Aadit as he tried to watching TV in peace.
Zara's birthday - this little darling is 1! We got dressed for the cold and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.
ACL - Our second trip for the month was to Austin again but this time it was just Amit and I. This was our first time leaving the kids over night. They did great and were very well behaved for Dadi and Dada.

Happy birthday Anar! - our first time visiting a Texas winery. A beautiful day spent with great friends.
Arboretum - Pumpkin time at the Arboretum and we took Dada and dadi with us this time. The twins loved running around and weren't very cooperative with this pictures this year. But I got a few so cant complain too much.
Landin's birthday - The longest birthday party we have ever been too. Lots and lots of fun with their friends.
Navratri - with all the travel and birthdays we almost missed Garba. Luckily for us there was one late event to cherish. Aariya and Aashna love to dance so no surprise they had a blast.
Diwali - We were scheduled to be in NY for the actual day so we celebrated a week earlier. This year we had a big bash thanks to Masi ba and got to celebrate with our friends. We didnt decorate the house much this year so I thoroughly enjoyed setting up the party spot.
New York - a very last minute trip to the big apple. This was the first trip for my inlaws with all of us (including aval). The weather was a little cold but it warmed up just enough for us to enjoy the statue of liberty and hit a few of the hot spots. Also squeezed in some Bahrain family time. Thank you Aditi for being our tour guide and helping us navigate the subway!

Halloween - According to Aashna this was the best day ever. Aariya had her speech down "Happy halloween, trick or treat, thank you for the candy"! She said this every time she walked up to a door. It was so fun watching them totally get into the Halloween spirit! These three look like triplets - next year may be we can dress them together in some theme (if they let us that is).

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