Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fabulous 4's!

I know I say this every year but this year we have definitely noticed a huge change in Aariya and Aashna. They have transformed into little girls, they are not babies or even toddlers any more. Both of them have developed different personalities that gel together for the most part. We always say the first three years of having twins was hard - really really hard! But now it's fun to watch them play and engage each other. Amit and I don't have to constantly entertain them. Like all siblings even the twins fight but they are quick to make peace and are extremely protective of each other, calling out for the other when danger is near. The best is when one gets in trouble and cries and the other starts crying too because the first is in trouble. The best is when they pretend to be our babies and like to engage in baby babble for entertainment value. This has also been a challenging year as they both look to find their personalities and test boundaries with us. We are definitely sharpening our negotiation skills, its harder to distract them and everything has to be reasoned out. They are becoming more independent which is a blessing and a test of my patience. Both of them are self conscious about their baby hands and understand that might cause them to slow down a little but are still willing to push and try everything. They are able to think rationally and confirm with others whether what they are thinking is how everyone sees the situation by ending their sentences with "right?". What a fun year of entertaining conversations!
Aariya - our super curious goof ball. She loves dancing and being silly but is very very understanding. She loves making friends and shines in crowds but is also quite happy playing by herself. By picking up on facial cues she is quick to identify if some one is teasing and can play along. She shy's away from practicing her alphabets but can draw and color for hours on end.
Aashna - my cautious sassy diva. She loves to delegate to accomplish what she needs but in a sweet persuasive way. She is definitely eager to learn and will work on her alphabets and numbers till she has perfected them. Aashna does have her temper on her nose, that triggers easily but she also is able to compose herself quickly and can be very apologetic.

Happy 4th Birthday our loves! We are so proud of your accomplishments and the bright people you are developing into. Please continue to see the beauty in everything just like you do today. Your caring nature and gentle souls are the most refreshing things in our lives!


Dada and dadi said...

We are really proud of not only our aariya and aashna, we are very proud of their super parents. You are our joy of life

Amee said...

Happy Birthday Aari & Aashi!! You girls are little stars...continue to keep shining bright!
Love & Kisses...Amee maasi