Saturday, October 7, 2017

What did I smile about in September!

Hello Fall- more like extended summer in Texas! I love this time of year, it kicks off months of festivities. Hope you all ended the summer with lots of memories.

Labor day weekend - We had a busy weekend while Amit was in Peru! Started off with spending time with this little munchkin. I hope he learns to boss these three little diva's around other wise he is in big trouble. The rest of the time we spent shopping and finally ended up at Small world big imagination again!
Homework - Kindergarten means homework every week. It takes a lot longer getting it done because these two get competitive about who finished a page first. It does take a lot of patience to see them through it and its only the beginning - wish us luck!
Grandparents day - my mum (Nani) happened to be in town this year and joined the twins for arts and crafts. It was awesome to watch them make scarecrows with her and have her there.
Rotimatic -  yes we did! I was skeptical at first but its awesome the twins can have roti's when ever they want. Ask and you shall receive haha.
Friends in town - we were so happy to spend a fun weekend with our Austin friends. It was Grapefest weekend and decided to venture out and it happened to be one of the hottest days. It was full of cotton candy, popcorn, rides and finally food! The twins decided to get on the rides by themselves - sigh! They are growing up toooo quickly.
Family tree - the twins had to decorate a leaf each for their class family tree. I love these little homework assignments - time to get creative. 
Cool Thursday concert series! - My company had some tickets for an evening concert and i decided to take the kids along. It was something i wanted to do for a while but its not the closest place to us but it finally happened. It was a hot and humid night but the kids all had fun and we got to enjoy some fun music.
Navratri - The begin of festivities and we managed one Garba night at the Irving temple. Amit's mum (Dadi) and aunt also joined us which was awesome. A&A's version of garba is just twirling around over and over again ha! The best part is to watch them get dressed up - they have to have all the accessories (bindi's and bangles).
Saachi turns 4! - These kids are growing up too quickly. We had a blast at Saachi's birthday and eventually got a cute picture of these three after the desperate try at Garba the day before.
Family time - the reinforcements are here to help mummy and daddy. My dad and brother decided last minute to come see us so we had a house full. The kids love company and it was a mad house for a few weeks.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

What did I smile about in August!

The end of summer and an overload of pictures in this one. I am really behind on the blog so you can imagine how busy it has been. This month kicked off some travel and lots of visits from family, which we love!

Small world big imagination - day out with mummy as she left for her 20 year reunion with friends. I took the day off and spent it with the kiddo's. The twins love this place and i enjoy watching their antics.
Amsterdam - and i was off for a week to meet my high school friends in Europe this time. I am still very surprised we were able to pull this off. Missed a few but had a blast with the rest. I have been to Amsterdam before but it was nice to go back and see a few things i missed the last time I was there. Dadi and Dada got in the same day i left so the twins were in good hands with Papa and their grandparents. 
Cologne - we made a day trip to Cologne and it was perfect. We lucked out with great weather. We ended up attending a church service there. We ended our day there relaxing in a park people watching. Couldnt have asked for a perfect day out.
While I was away! - I did miss the family but needed the time away. They finished the summer up with a fun day at school all dressed up! We did face time a few times while i was away but they would start crying when they saw me so it was better to just get pictures from Amit. 
Project time - I cant sit still and had to take care of another project that was on my list. The twins had painted these a little ago and I found a cute use for them. Why do 4 year olds have so many sunglasses you ask? Only grandchildren on both sides - does that explain it?
First day of school - the twins started Kindergarten this year. I wasnt ready for this move up but they are doing so great. They are December babies and will miss the September 1 cutoff and will repeat kinder next year. Kinder took a little getting used to as they dropped their afternoon naps, have homework every week and also have to be in school by a certain time every morning. But I am happy they get to this in the comfort of their current school, surrounded by teacher and friends we know. Next year will be an adventure.

Zingo time with Dadi and Dada - they love this game and everyone loves playing it with them. We need to work on being a sport when we lose a few games. The cute thing is A&A never play against each other - they dont like it when one loses and they call it a tie (melts my heart).
Mismatched day - They dont go to school like this everyday I promise! But it was nice to let them go wild and pick their own outfits. They both wanted piggy tails with a tail at the back.
Happy Birthday Dadi - we dont get to celebrate many together so its always precious to watch the twins get super excited when we do. Hope you had a great one mum.
Nani is here - last but not the least Nani is here too. We celebrated the sacred time of Paryushan with her and the twins were very excited about dressing up for the temple. They didnt want to leave and asked me why I wasn't singing all the songs at the temple. Way to put me on the spot kiddo's. Mumma has a lot to learn herself ha.