Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fantastic Fives!

A big milestone birthday for our little babies - the twins would correct us and say "we are not babies any more!" Five in the USA means the beginning of Kinder followed by 12 years of school. Since they are December babies they miss the Texas cut off and will repeat Kinder again next fall so we cherish this time together before the formal school process starts. We have had a lot of changes in the last few weeks - new house, said good bye to our first preschool and will start the new preschool soon (more details in the monthly posts). But what can I say about Aari and Aashi this year that you dont already know about them. They have blossomed into little ladies (5 going on 15). The sass is strong, I mean stronger than its ever been. But under all that attitude are still the biggest caring hearts. 

This year in school the teachers focused on having them use their words and firmly address situations that arise in the classrooms. At the parent teacher meet the teacher shared how she witnessed them both stand up to another kid in class when they felt the other kid was not giving them space. I came home and shared this with Amit and quickly Aariya came to the other kids defense and said " even X did good and gave me my space and backed off". That was meant to be a moment for us to recognize that they did well but they always find the best in the others as well. We are doing something right! 
Aariya continues to be our little goofball. This year we saw a big change in her confidence level. She voices her opinions firmly. She has no trouble pushing back if she feels wronged. We were definitely happy to see this change in her. She loves drawing and can create some amazing work when she feels like it- you cant force her to do anything on demand.
Aashna is still our nurturing and loving one. She continues to be a perfectionist, she might be the slowest at her homework but its always perfect. She loves to talk and can carry on an amazing conversation. Our little grandma is always listening and there is no hiding things from her. 
Both of them are naturally curious and this year has been a learning year. We are doing our best to instill strong morals and raise them to be humble kids. We have had some very entertaining conversations with them about festivals which lead to conversations about god and understanding how fortunate they are. I know right - some very heavy topics for five year olds! What i LOVE the most is how comfortable they are in their skin. Aashna once told me "you know what the most favorite part about my body is? My baby arm!" Because it makes her different. A big shout out goes to Jessica goes to school and Different is awesome - they quote those books all the time!!

Aari and Aashi you fill our lives with so much love and laughter. We are so grateful to be your parents and cherish every moment with you two. Dont let anyone steal your sparkle little ones. Shine bright and strong and this world is yours to conquer! 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

What did I smile about in November!

Only one month left to the end of the year. This month was equally busy with more celebrations and time with family and friends.

Smores night - after the first one at the apartment the twins kept asking when the next one was. Lucky for us they squeezed one more in before we leave the apartment. I dont think they truly care for smores but love the process.
Sneak peek - we took our friends to our new home. We are a month away to move in and this is what our backyard view looks like. We cant wait for more space and settle in again.
Fun times with friends - we headed to the arboretum to take advantage of relatively pleasant day. The twins love the rolling hill and could spend hours running up and down. The pumpkin decorations were still out so I was excited to get a look.
Trevor Noah - the show was at the Irving music factory so we decided to walk over and not deal with the traffic. I thought he was great and Amit and I both agreed we had not laughed like that in a while. 
Jumpy park - the twins still call the trampoline parks -jumpy parks. They love having people over but its hard when they leave because they want them to go. So we agreed to take them to the park and dinner to ease them back to the week. They didn't want to leave and i think could do this for hours!
Bahrain friends meet in Dallas - Sapna and her family were visiting Dallas for a wedding so we got together before the wedding festivities started. Also realized another friend had moved back to Dallas from the bay area so we got together and picked up like no time had passed. Thanks Vai for hosting us and it was great to see the kids all play together. 
Happy birthday Amit - Instead of our usual La Duni fix of Leches cake we decided to make him pumpkin muffins. They were so excited to help. Since Amit's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving we stayed in and ate a home cooked meal - Brussels sprouts and broccoli grilled in sauce, butternut squash lasagna and garlic bread!
Thanksgiving day - More birthday and thanksgiving celebrations with friends over the Cowboys game. So much to be thankful for - happiness, health, good friends and strong family bonds!
Let the official Christmas festivities begin - i feel like Christmas decorations went up right after Halloween this year. But thanksgiving officially marks the beginning of shopping and preps for magical month of December. Fortunately for us this weekend the weather was gorgeous - we ate an early dinner at our favorite Mi Dia in Grapevine. Which was followed by a stroll down Main street - the Christmas capital of Texas! Another best day ever according to the twins.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

What did I smile about in October!

This month was full of family and festivities. We had a full house, 8 of us in our little apartment. We survived ha! Hope you enjoy the overload of pictures as always.

Dallas views - my family has been to Dallas a lot so we run out of new places to go. Thankfully they hadnt been to the trinity groves yet so we ventured there over sunset! The weather was Ah-mazing!
Arboretum - The family was sweet enough to take the twins to the arboretum for the pumpkin event while Amit and I got some downtime. They all had a great time together!
Birthday celebrations - Sweet and sassy! The twins attended their second birthday party at this fun spot and this time to celebrate sweet Landin. Happy 5th birthday sweet girl and thank you for letting us be a part of your day. These girls together are a sight to see. They love to sing and be super sassy together!
Our first concert! - Took the twins to their first concert and the Toyota music factory. This was my first time at the new venue too. Good thing I had the other mums to keep me company - KidzBop were a hit according to the twins. 
Diwali diva's - For the first time in a very long time my mum was with us to celebrate Diwali. We made it to the temple again on the day of for blessings and festivities. 
The celebrations continue - the yearly lunch/dinner bash continues. A&A were super excited to doll up in their new outfits from India. They loved seeing everyone and running around with their friends. We hope you all had a blessed festive season and the new year brings you all lots of love and joy!
More 5th birthdays! - lots to celebrate this month. The twins had a blast celebrating with Molly, Camille, and Campbell! Thanks for including us on your special days friends.
Pumpkin decorations - We stuck with no carve pumpkin decorations this year to avoid the mess in a small space. The kids decided they wanted the same thing on both so thats what we did. They are into ghosts this year and so casper it was. 
Happy birthday old man! - Just kidding Amol. Hope you had a fun time celebrating this milestone and thank you Shaili for the wonderful dinner and letting us celebrate with you all.
Long Halloween celebrations! - it ended up being a very very cold day on Halloween but lucky for us we had our fill before the actual day. The kids had a super hero dress up day for fall festival which was followed by dress up at school the day of. Benefit of apartment living was a quick trick or treat indoors! The twins were a bunch of grapes for Halloween this year. It was Amit's idea and a joint effort to make. Amit, my MIL and I spent a few blowing up the balloons and putting this fun costume together.