Saturday, January 7, 2017

What did I smile about in December!

We ended 2016 with a lot of family fun. Aari and Aashi are a year older and a year wiser (definitely sassier). This was a busy month with lots of festivities!

Christmas performance - Aari and Aashi's holiday performance was so cute this year. They danced to all the christmas carols and were so happy to be dressed in their Christmas pj's. Their favorite was Jingle bell rock! Dadi, Dada and Aval kaka were able to join us at this recital and cheered the twins on.
Decorating the tree - we had to down size our tree this year due to lack of space. But the twins loved being able to reach it all to decorate. Our tree featured the three ornaments we picked up in NYC earlier in October. Ariel for Aariya, Belle for Aashna and the famous NYC cab for the family!
Date Night - Amit and I sneaked away for a night away while the kids stayed with their grandparents. It was nice to enjoy a peaceful dinner with adult conversation for a change. We say this everytime we get away but we need to do this more often.
Happy Birthday Friends - we had the honor to celebrate so many precious friends birthday in December. I love the friendships A&A have formed through school and I hope we all stay in touch for years to come even after prek is done. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Talya, Maysah, Grace and Luke!
Holiday Party - I have said this time and time again but i work with a bunch of fun people. We have all known each other for a long time and have a great time together as you can tell below.
British Goodies - we were so excited to receive these from our UK family. Thank you so much for our Christmas yummies!
Santa pics - I didn't wait till the last minute this year. I was going to take the twins to the mall again when Amit reminded me of the amazing Santa at the Grapevine northpole railway. We got there as soon as they opened and guess no line. The twins did great - NO TEARS this year woo hoo!
Christmas - my brother and I had the same idea for their gift this year. That big doll house - luckily it arrived earlier and Amit did a great job putting it together before Christmas day. We hid this huge thing in our closet so we could surprise the twins. Christmas decorations were limited this year due to lack of space in our 2 bed room apartment. The twins loved the little tree but still missed having a big one. Hopefully by next Christmas we will be in our new home and can go all out again. Needless to say the two of them were spoilt by their grand parents, uncles and family from all over.

Austin - We went to Austin Christmas eve since Dhaval had not been back there in a long time and wanted to check it out. We lucked out with great weather - seriously felt like summer in the winter! We did all the tourist stuff - even though things were closed we enjoyed ourselves outside. We also got to meet the gang and celebrate Christmas with the kids. It was so much watching them decorate cookies and play with each other.
New Years eve - Winter is Texas is unpredictable and we caught a beautiful day on new years eve! We loved our time with family and friends this year and hope the new year brings you all lots of peace, love, great health and prosperity!

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