Saturday, February 11, 2017

What did I smile about in January!

Welcome to 2017 - cheers to hoping for peace around the world! Our January as usual was busy with finishing up the twins birthday celebrations and lots more of fun.

Twins Birthday - because their birthday falls right between Christmas and New Years we always plan their party the first week of January. The twins had a blast and it was great seeing our Austin friends.
Design decisions - Its official we have started our new home build. After a lot of searching we have decided to move to Colleyville. We found a new development and are under contract to start building. If all goes well we will be in our new home by end of the year! Amit and I had the fun of attending several design meetings in January but the decisions are in and final. There is no changing it now - thats probably good because I know I would keep changing my mind :)
Playtime - These two keep us on our toes and love being silly with their Papa. I have also included some pictures they took on our phones. Some of them are actually really good.

Smores - Our apartment has fun little events planned through the month. This one got the kids super excited. I was expecting graham crackers and one type of chocolate. Boy was i wrong they had at least 10 different types of chocolates, 4 different colors/flavors of marshmallows and 4 different types of graham crackers.
Bella's birthday - Thanks for letting us celebrate with you sweet girl. I love watching all these kiddos play together even after they have moved to different schools recently.
Baby Kian - A new addition to the Dallas kids crew. Isnt he just precious. Congratulations Mehta/Kansagara families. I miss this little baby stage and no I dont want another baby! I will happily babysit for them though.

Perot - What happens when you take a bunch of competitive people to the Perot museum and break them into group for sort of a treasure hunt? We do all sorts of crazy stuff!
Homework - And the pressure is on! We have started working on writing alphabets and practicing the sounds the alphabets make. How to read will be next. Time needs to stand still - i am not ready for my babies to grow up so quickly.