Saturday, May 27, 2017

What did I smile about in April!

Hello April! We had a fun start to spring. The weather has been great and we have been busy as you can see by the posts and pictures below.

Lego Land - Our first time at the DFW Lego land thanks to our dentists appreciation day. The twins were excited about their first amusement ride and it was a great preview for Disneyland. After we were done we stopped into a store to get some summer outfits and these two convinced Amit they needed more sunglasses and accessories. Trouble!!
We love when friends come visit - It was so great to see Arjun and of course his parents too ;) Gave us an excuse to catch up with Barbara and Dave to.
Meeting with the Loys! - we got to finally see our old neighbors one evening. I try to explain to the twins that their nani (maternal grandma) and dadi (paternal grandma) are their grand mothers and they said "no they are nani and dadi - grandma Georgia is our grandmother". Gotta love the bilingual education - but its so sweet that they remember them and were excited to visit with the Loy's after a long while.
Girl adventure - the twins and I spent the day out one Saturday morning. Followed by lunch and some shopping. The twins picked out this pink peekaboo pink shirt and insisted on buying it because mummy has one like that too. I am in serious trouble with these fashionista's.
Spring time - we made it to the Dallas arboretum on the last day of Spring blooms. A&A walked the entire time and loved it so much, they didn't want to leave. We took our big dslr with us for a change and got some nice pictures of the twins.
Egg hunts - this year the Egg hunts were easy for me. The twins had one in school and then one in our apartment complex so i didn't have to venture to another park. They enjoyed coming counting and opening them to check out their loot.
This little monkey turns two - Aashi and Aariya had so much fun celebrating this little man's 2nd birthday. The Curious George Pinata was a hit - should have seen all these kids swing at it. I need one for me too!
Play time - these three have so much fun together. They enjoyed going for a walk and playing in the courtyard before dinner. I cant wait for more space and not having toys clutter our living room. Or may be that still wont change ha!
Easter brunch - we headed to the mall forgetting that everything closes for Easter. But bright side we enjoyed some yummy brunch outdoor. These two are such great company and entertainment. 

Science - we finally spent some time one weekend doing a few simple experiments. I really need to do a better job exposing them to more.
Arijit concert - our second time seeing him live and he didn't disappoint. There is something about his voice - he definitely sings from the heart and soul.
Happy Birthday Dad - I love my Bahrain family. They took care of my dad and celebrated with him in our absence. We love you nanu - thank you for always being there for us.
Austin! - I know you are probably thinking - "again?" This time we went for a little reunion. Our friends were visiting from California and it was great catching up with everyone. The kids all played well together while the mum's took the night off.

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