Saturday, June 10, 2017

What did I smile about in May!

May was a busy month which started with a last minute trip to California and ended with my birthday weekend. A nice warm month full of activities and picture overload.

LA - We were so excited to see our family in California. We didnt have any plans for Cali or Disneyland but I guess when things are meant to happen they find a way. The twins are pro's at traveling now. They talked the entire way there which was absolutely entertaining for our fellow passengers. These four diva's had a blast together. It was great watching them all play together. Kaj and Raj thank you for your hospitality.

Disney Land YAY! - I love everything Disney and I couldnt wait for Aari and Aashi to experience it as well. The thought of going to Disney world is very overwhelming. There is a lot of planning that goes into it but thanks to Kaj it was not stressful at all. She had it all covered. Thank you two for making it memorable for Aariya and Aashna. Enjoy the picture overload.

Tea party with my fairies! - We were excited to attend our first tea party with our friends. This was an all out party with a mini makeup session, fairy crowns, pixie dust necklaces and of course tea!
Happy mothers day! - Hope you lovely mumma, grand ma's, aunts had a lovely day full of love. Aari and Aashi were very excited to give me their cards and goodies. They even agreed to let Amit make me breakfast in bed. A huge win - last year they said no because food in bed brings ants hahaha.
Pool and Yoga all in one day! - the weather has finally warmed up enough for the pool. The twins were so excited to kick start the summer. And a first yoga class personally set up for them. They did so well and enjoyed showing off some of their moves.
Fun projects - a trip to Michaels always makes for fun times. The Twins had fun creating their own art projects and I had fun making one of my own. Never can have enough storage for hair accessories!
Diva's - These three diva's are so fun to watch. The best was to hear them squeal and scream when the fountain went way high in the air and then crashed and splashed them a little.
Chop chop - I have no idea how we convinced these two to cut it this short but we have a new summer look! To be honest I had a moment when the hairdresser started to cut their hair. Less hair for me to manage though and they look so cute and different.
Me time - this mummy needed some more me time. Another spa visit for me and long needed mani and pedi.
Before and After - got started on another little project one saturday morning. Turned these little patches to hair clips for our friend. Hope she enjoys sporting them at the wedding they attend soon.
Memorial Day weekend - We started by going to the Arboretum one more time before it gets super HOT. This weekend also happened to be my birthday weekend. On my actual birthday the twins were so excited to make cupcakes (more like I made them for myself) so we were up bright and early. Spent a lot of time with the family and enjoyed an evening at my favorite spot at the Trinity groves. All in all a great great weekend.

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