Saturday, July 8, 2017

What did I smile about in June!

We had a busy month spending a lot of quality family time. Summer is here and in Texas that means we cant do much outside unless it involves the pool, splash parks or lakes. We have made great use of our apartment pool. Hope you all have a fun filled summer full of great memories!

Surgery - Our month started out with Aariya having her adenoids and tonsils removed. Talk about being a ball of nerves - us not her! She did well and the recovery was a little painful but we got through it. She definitely enjoyed being able to have Popsicles whenever she wanted.
Baby To is almost here! We were so excited to celebrate Barbara and baby Edison. We cant wait to see the little man.
Play time - In between the pain meds we managed to get away from some play time. After being home all day for a week we all needed some time outside the house. Aariya and Aashna had fun dressing up as firefighters. It was great having the whole place pretty much to our selves.
Dress up - these two find the most hilarious role playing games. This time they were playing salon and Aariya was very excited to dry and curl Aashna's hair!
First Swim class - I signed up both of the girls for swim classes in May. Because of Aariya's surgery she missed the first session. I wasnt sure how little miss Aashna was going to do on her own but she did so good. She was so so excited and loves swim class. The following week she led her sister to her first class and showed her how its done. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? - It was that day at school and Amit tried to get Aashna to be an Entrepreneur (Cake baker) but she stood her ground and insisted on going to school as a mum. Thats what she wants to be when she grows up!
Picnic - Amit took the girls out to see the gorgeous moon and it became a picnic. They got the blankets out and made him put on some music. After the snacks started the music and dancing!! They had a blast and didnt want to go to bed.
LOTS of pool time! - Now that the weather is HOT we are at the pool a lot. The twins love the water and we do too. 
Snow cones and splash parks - our apartment had complimentary snow cones which the twins devoured, then we headed to meet Saachi at a splash park. These three had a blast playing on the water slides and enjoying their snacks. You cant have a play date without snacks :)!
Happy Fathers Day - We had a relatively low key fathers day. Amit spent some time looking after his grandmother who was not feeling too well. But we were sure to make him his favorite parfait for breakfast before he headed out.
Dinner or craziness - These three are up to no good when they get together but i love to watch them grow to become great friends.

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