Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What did I smile about in July!

July went by too quickly. I kept thinking we still had the whole summer ahead of us and soon July was over. We did have a lot of fun and experienced a few firsts.

4th of July parade in school - the twins love any kind of celebration. They dont truly understand the significance of this day but one day they will learn. But they were excited to sport the red, white and blue!
Austin trip - we headed to Austin for the actual holiday and made a long weekend out of it. It was the first time on the lake for the twins and they had a BLAST! The boat was moving really really fast and these two were so excited and screaming in fun the whole time. They are definite adrenaline seekers. They were not sure about dipping in the water because its not clean blue water but finally gave it a shot. The best day ever according to them. I see more lake trips in our future. We also attended our first official neighborhood July 4th parade in Austin. The kiddo's all got up early and wore their matching red, white and blue. They had a blast collecting all the goodies that the floats threw at the crowds. A great weekend with friends!
Silly faces - I find these two doing the silliest things lately. They cant keep a straight face for the camera any more. They find the funniest ways to entertain themselves. Like the time i found them tucked on the couch back!
We love Seema masi's visits - Aariya asked me if Seema masi was bringing pumpkin bread with her. Because they get some every time she visits. We took her straight to the grocery shop and helped make us some. It was fun to see them get into baking. Come back soon Seema masi - the twins miss you!
More swim time - we love spending our weekends by the pool. The best is watching them enjoy this time with Amit. They love the water just as much as we do which is the best. Lots of beach vacations in our future.
Play date - we were so excited to see some of our old friends and new at the splash park. This was the hardest picture to take. A lot of bribes later - all smiles!! woo hoo.
Western Day - they love dressing up, give them a theme and they are all over it! The sass and attitude come naturally too.
Meet baby Edison (eddie teddy)!!! - the smallest baby they have seen and held. They asked if we could have a baby but changed their minds very quickly when he started to cry!
Trio - there are three things that go together for Aari and Aashi. Chin Chin, dinner at Villa O and dessert at La Duni to finish off the night.
Amin Kaka time - The twins loved having him here for 10 whole days. They were so excited to show him the pool and the their toys. Gave me a nice little break. It was great to see you again - hopefully next time we will all meet together with Mai.
Potting plants - they were so excited to plant it till i asked them to touch the soil. Which apparently is to dirty ha! Needless to say they love every little activity we do together which makes me want to do more.

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